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"Let's start seizing vital regions!"
It's All About YOU
Name or Nickname: Cyph, short for Cyphera :3
Gender: Female
What do you LOVE?: I love learning, and reading, mostly, and studying history Oh yeah, also STAR TREK and a little band called McFLY. :D
And what do you HATE?: Contemporary culture (ie. Rap.R&B music), Jocks, High School in General, being alone.
Strengths: Academia, especially Learning Languages, and History.
Weaknesses: Social Situations, like parties and stuff, don't feel quite right there.

Hobbies: I read, a little doodling, guitaring, dancing, more reading. Don't really do much else, seeing as I hide a lot.
Favorite Color: Purple, the colour of Royalty
What is your favorite food?: Between Pizza and Blini
Favorite Country (without taking Hetalia into consideration): Russia. Forever and Always
Mature or Childish?: I'd like to say mature, I mean, I look like it, but I'm wacky and all over the place, so I'd say a mixture of both.
Would you prefer to lead or follow?: I prefer to lead, but not too much, not always lead, sometimes I'f like to follow, but I like leading too.

Let's Talk HETALIA
Favorite Character and WHY: Russia, because he's such a standout character, he's someone who I can relate to a lot with his friends and family leaving him alone, and not liking him, always afraid of him. (Oh, and that creepy smile, :D)
Is there a certain strip that really sticks out for you?: The one With General Winter. It's one of my favourites (and one of the only ones I've read)
Hamburgers or Tea <s>OR MAPLE SYRUP Tea. Hands Down.
Who dresses the best in the series? ♥: Canada, nothin wrong with a sweatshirt.
America/Alfred wants to watch a scary movie! Which one would you pick?: The Omen. It's full of LOLz.
How about a favorite ship/couple?: CanadaXAmerica (yeah, Twincest. I'm sick)

Do you believe in spirits or ghosts?: Sure, why not.
You're at war! Do you take the enemy head-on with full force or lay back and take time to tactically move your forces?: I'll take my nice time with that. Full on force is never a good idea, because your enemy could catch on and hit you when your troops are tired from the full blast.
You have to be transported to a deserted island! Oh no! You're allowed to take three items; what are these items?:
a nice long Book, like Ulysses or Tolstoy's War and Peace, Some Sunglasses, and a bed sheet(so it can be a sail to get me off the island)
Please describe how you look or share a picture if you have one:
  s674.photobucket.com/albums/vv106/MistakenTrekkie/That's Me!

Any final words?: Long live Russia? Eh? IDK.
Would you be so kind as to link those surveys you voted on before posting this?:
Oh, can I see your vital regions?: Only if I can seize yours!

I wish I were a Stafleet Doctor.

 I wish I were a Starfleet Doctor, all my troubles would go away. I'd be hella cranky, but aren't I anyway? 
If I were a Starfleet Doctor, I'd want to serve under McCoy. 
If I were a Starfleet Doctor, I'd save my beloved from Xenopolycetamia because I'd know the cure.
I'd be an Emotional Vulcan. Loving for him.



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